🏁Series Completion

What Happens after all 12 Volumes are Live?

Once all 12 character collections have been minted and find new homes. We will begin working on the next phase of NiftySats. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • A Recursive Comic Strip Series based on the full Master Collection

  • Expansive Integrations & Proliferation of the Character Collections

  • New Exclusive Art Gifted to NiftySats Holders

  • More Airdrops and Contests

  • Live Events

Our 12 Volume series is just the beginning. We intend to continue building on Bitcoin indefinitely, with these 12 character collections serving as our foundation. And as you may have heard, we are loyal to our community dating all the way back to those who first joined us in 2019.

The NiftySats master collection marks our 5th year of building in Web3, and we've got at least 5 more to go before we even break a sweat. Stick around! It'll get more fun each year!

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