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We're just some creatives striving to be original and create long lasting value and fun with this historic new medium of self expression on Bitcoin called Ordinals.
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Being introduced to the idea of ordinal theory at the end of January, 2023 was a mind-altering experience for us, met with instant belief and conviction in the long term value of such a protocol. But we wanted to carefully consider how we might contribute real value, rather than devise quick ways of extracting it. So we took time to let the space develop a bit, as we watched and learned and participated as users, minters, and inscribers, in order to better understand what works and what doesn't work, as well as what is liked and what is not so liked.
PackagePortal in Times Square, NY on Black Friday
And we've got a bit of experience building Web3 apps and growing communities. Back in 2019 we launched a first-of-its-kind B2C SaaS called PackagePortal, that allowed merchants to reward their consumers with crypto and bitcoin for rating their delivery experiences.
We ran a few pilots with merchants that reached over 100k global monthly active users, and we even won an international design award for the mobile app's UX. But ultimately, enterprise buy-in to Web3 services took a nose dive amid regulatory scares, bank runs, and collapsing exchanges throughout 2021-2022. This resulted in our value proposition of tokenized-loyalty-rewards becoming less desirable to the industry it depended on for sustainability, so we sent the project into hibernation as we await a more developed landscape and appetite by merchants for such services.
We may refresh those services if & when demand arises, but for now, we just want to have fun with Bitcoin and grow with communities excited about cool art. We're doing that by contributing original character designs that are unique among NFTs on any chain, with limitless possibilities for future developments of this art-based ecosystem.
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