A High Level Overview

When we say NiftySats is a "Bitcoin Biosphere", we really mean that. Our master collection consists of 12 different stylings based on animals that aren't traditionally seen in the world of NFTs and Ordinals. Nudibranchs, Axolotls, Squids, Eels, and more...each of which are all a part of the larger ecosystem of animals rescued by Bob, a Bitcoin Miner who now looks after their well being!

The image above displays the conceptual sketches for each volume in the pipeline. Leading the pack as the first collection swimming out of the mempool are the BTC Slugs. 3333 feisty Nudibranchs guaranteed to saturate your on chain art galleries.

We also inscribed some early ordinals in the sub700k range, that we call NiftyPasses. These 100 BTC logo graphics were deployed in the first few months of ordinals, as we explored and learned about image compression and the various file types gaining support by the ORD protocol.

View the hi-res NiftyPasses files here.

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