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NiftySats is building a biosphere of Bitcoin artifacts, as we launch a first of its kind multi-volume collection of unique ordinal art. We'll be rolling out 12 different character collections all linked together as a family, to create a single grand collection of 11664 inscriptions.

These never-before-seen characters are all hand drawn originals, initially designed for a comic strip by artist, Steven J. However, just prior to their release, their writer left the publishing company altogether, leaving these critters shelved in a dark terrarium somewhere lonely and cold...until now!

Each sub-collection (or 'volume'), consists of cartoonish cephalopods, arthropods, amphibians, and reptiles, with a hefty dose of personality and pizzazz, and each one has diminishing supplies in every successive release. As we push into 2024, we'll incorporate recursive and parent-child inscriptions, using Inscription #77864 inscribed back in February 2023, as the AI-generated caricature of the NiftySats family of creatures.

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